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How To Create MIND-BOGGLING Vlogs In Less Than 5 Minutes

We all agree that vlogging definitely is the content of the moment. It’s one of the most trending and in style modes of content creation today. However many get bewildered about how and what to blog even at this moment. To help you get a clearer perspective, here are my techniques on what I use and how to create phenomenal vlogs in less than 5 minutes

What is video blogging

A blog is a medium or space that enables you to express your thoughts , opinions and views on a particular topic. When videos are used to perform the same , it is called a video blog or a vlog. Video blogs enables the audience to get more clarity on topics you choose to share about. It provides better visual aid than blogs and promotes more audience interactions as well. Individuals who undertake video blogging as a full time career are called “vloggers” .

How to begin a video blog

Video blogging or vlogs is all about asthetics and visual attraction. Along with content a number of other factors contribute to the making of a successful vlog. Your vlog requires to be visually appealing and enticing for your target audience in order for them to watch it. To achieve this, blog set up and equipment is of utmost importance. This not only makes content more engaging but also improves content quality which is an essential requirement for a prosperous vlog

Here are a list of items that I personally use to create some mind boggling video blogs

1) camera

The first and most important equipment to begin vlogging is a good quality camera. A fine quality camera instantly upscales your content giving it a more of a professional touch. I personally use the SONY ALPHA a600 Mirror less camera

I love this camera as it not only comes with great capture quality but also contains multiple professional features that help to make your content look more polished. Some of its impressive features include

– hyper camera stability

– great colour capture

– low light clarity

– mega zoom

– in built editing

And much more. This is definitely an incredible purchase especially for all the blooming vloggers out there.

2) microphone-

One of the major hinderances while creating good quality vlogs is background disturbance and unwanted noise. Especially if you choose to shoot in a crowded location or are a travel vlogger , superfluous background sound seems inevitable. To deal with this I use the SHURE SM78B CARDIOID DYNAMIC MICROPHONE.

This has great quality and captures your voice even from a considerable distance. It works perfectly indoors as well as outdoors . It’s lightweight body makes it travel friendly and suitable for travel vloggers as too

3) Backdrop

As video blogging is all about visual appeal a good backdrop plays a vital role in achieving the look. A good backdrop clears up background disturbance by portraying a clean stage. While purchasing a backdrop try to steer away from excessive designs and bright colours as they create a hinderance and divert attention from the main subject. Rather opt for monochrome or pastel shades as they serve the purpose and also appear pleasant on screen .The one I myself use is the BOOSTY 8 x12 FT White LEKERA Backdrop Photo Light Studio Photography Background

Not only is it budget friendly but also comes with a variety of height adjustments that prove to be super user friendly. It also includes 3 different backdrops that you can choose from , so you don’t have to purchase them seperately. This is one of my best purchases till date.


Lighting plays a significant role in improving and upscaling vlog quality. Good lighting makes content more captivating and easily digestible for viewers too. This is one of the equipments that you really want to invest in . I personally love the pro led ring light by neusouq

This lighting contains

– adjustable height options

– wireless battery charging

– 3 different light setting options

– rotatable phone stand

This proves to be really convenient and is supremely helpful in creating good quality video blogs

My quick video blogging process:

Now that u know what equipments I use to create vlogs ,let’s see the steps to create them. So here is the basic outline of how I create video blogging content using these 3 simple steps

Step 1- prepare script:

I like to begin with writing down ideas and concepts I want to create vlogs on. I then create a script and a draft on how I want it to look

Step 2- Filming:

Once I am done with what I want to blog , I move on to filming my videos for my blog. I set up the equipments mentioned above and begin shooting my content.

Step 3- editing:

Once I am done filming and shooting my content , I then shift to editing the footage. This step is very vital in producing a good quality output. I personally use final cut Pro as my editing software to edit and fix my vlogs. Once I am happy with what I have achieved , simply go further and upload it.

So here it is, how I create my vlogs from start to finish. Hope you liked it and if you did do subscribe, like and share for more helpful content ❣️.

How to become a certified fashion designer and bang a job for free

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a Fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Many of us have an intense passion for fashion and designing. Seems like this is what we were made for. We just rightly know all the latest trends, colour combinations and even knowledge about material cloathing in fashion . However when we see the huge number of obstacles that lie between us and becoming a fashion designer , we are worn out even before we start. Problems like,not knowing where to start, fashion degrees seeming too expensive , no time as we are already baggaged with another jobs! Are just some difficulties that might be frustrating you.This leaves us agitated, psyched and even scared of ever being able to achieve our dream job!. But what if I told you can live your dream of becoming a fashion designer at the comfort of your home?

Yes, that’s true and not just that its absolutely free and already at your finger tips!. These hacks work wonders even for individuals already into the field of design. In this blog you will learn about

1) How to learn fashion design from industry experts for free

2) Materials and skills required for the job and how to posses them

3) Fashion tools industry experts use to create fashion styles

4) How to bang an internship at top fashion houses nationally and internationally!

By the end of this blog you will posess

– knowledge about design and fashion

– free diploma courses and certification to get you top ranking jobs

– skills and materials you need to begin you designing journey

– practical application of fashion theories

– how to bang a job at top fashion houses nationally and internationally

– how to gain experience and make contacts to grow in the fashion industry

So without further ado let’s get started

1) Learning

Learning fashion design is the most important and integral part in order to become a fashion designer ( obviously). You need to know the accurate technique and knowledge about what goes into creating those mind blasting designs you see on runways . To learn these techniques , it’s very important to recieve the right guidance and direction from experts , or else you may just end up like any other wannabe out there. You need to learn from experts who belong to the industry and have an experience of how things go about in this process.

Now I know to learn under such industry experts requires tons of cash and immense amount of time, that seem pretty unrealistic, and that’s why your here! So here’s what you need to do in order to begin

1) join YouTube learning-

It contains a number of video classes that cater to your subject of interest. It also has exclusive videos that will help you learn the skills required for fashion designing

2) alison-

Alison is an online learning website that contains fashion design and other design courses for free. These are diploma courses , that are for a short period of 4-5 weeks each. You also receive a diploma certificate at the end of your course that will act as an advantage while getting a job.

3) HSC free design courses-

HSC is another online learning platform that provides lectures and courses on a variety of subjects including fashion design. They also provide a set of activities that you need to complete as a part of your practice. These courses are from renowned institutions like Harvard University , Wales University etc that you can learn from for free.

4) Coursera –

An online learning platform that will help you with professional guidance you need to become a fashion designer. Includes short term diploma courses with certification at the end of completion from renowned Universities

5) Study .com-

study .com also is a very well and highly renowned website for online courses and distant learning. It includes fashion design and other design courses ranging from beginners to advanced to build and enhance your design skills .

These are ways and methods how you will be getting quality guidance and direction from experienced teachers and industry experts. These websites also include guest lectures by big fashion designers who provide industry insights on fashion and design . This is a great opportunity for you to learn and you definitely must not miss it!

Now that you have possessed required knowledge about fashion, you also need to practise designing physically. Here’s how

1) keep an aim to draw at least one sketch each day

2) use equipments used by professional fashion designers like fashion sketchbooks, fine black pens , markers etc

3) subscribe to fashion magazines and keep an eye on present and upcoming trends

4) Lookup and improve drawing techniques and skills from YouTube

5) recieve online inspiration from fashion experts themselves by following big fashion designers and fashion pages on social media

Digital skills- apart from physical drawing and colouring professional designers use a number of virtual technologies to bring creations to life. As we live in the digital age you definitely need to learn to create fashion outfits digitally as well. This will definitely add to your skills and act as an advantage while getting a job. Here are a list of apps and softwares top fashion designers use to create mind-blowing designs

1) Adobe illustrator-

this is the most commonly used software for beginners as well as professional fashion designers to create stunning visuals. Provides 3d stimulation and virtual presentations on how the final product would look !

2) marvelous designer-

another renowned fashion software used by big fashion houses to create impeccable design’s. Contains inbuilt designs and fashion inspo to help you create designs. 3d stimulation helps to showcase your creation from all angles


Tuka3D is an easy to use 3D fashion design software develop by Tukatech. This amazing software allows you to scan your fit model, and to adjust it with the diverse options of measurements available. You can create virtual fitting session with an animated model who can move, dance, run, etc. This 3D software is really made to do virtual prototyping, allowing you to make many trials just for one product. This design tool is helping designers to work quickly and easily thanks to virtual clothes samples.



Browzwear will help you to make creative designs for your customers, and it will allow you to work even faster. Browzwear offers different modules:

  • VStitcher, a solution for 3D virtual prototyping. It is addressed to developers, technical designers and pattern makers. It is allowing to convert 2D patterns into great 3D models and prototypes.
  • Lotta, a 3D fashion design solution that will help designers to create clothes with a total freedom. You can easily work on Adobe tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator, and synchronize your 2D drawings and patterns with Lotta. It will help you to visualize your products in any trim or color.

5)Romans CAD

Romans CAD is a software created for the footwear industry, and the creation of leather goods. This CAD fashion software is particularly efficient to create prototypes, Romans CAD is allowing designers to make all the changes that you need on your products with a lot of accuracy. This is an efficient cloud based program, made to work faster, and to improve the communication between designers and manufacturers. “This is a cloud-based software” explained Jean-MarcPedeboy to us “The world of fashion is evolving and brands have to work faster. Romans CAD is offering a better communication and collaboration for people working in the footwear industry

Other apps that you need to master as a part of your fashion design guide include

1) clo 3d

2)fusion 360

3) Maya

4)z brush

5) rhino

Now that we are finally done with gaining the required knowledge , experience and skills to become a fashion designer it’s time to get paid for it. Initially you need to work as an intern to get used to how things work in the fashion industry. Later you can opt for full time jobs in big fashion houses and for designers and here’s how

1) hnm student placement and internship program-

this step is crucial as this will help you apply your gained knowledge and skills and gain practical experience that holds great importance in the fashion industry. Higher the level of experience higher the pay you get. Hnm is a world famous brand and banging an internships with famous brands like hnm may prove really benificial for your fashion career. Hnm runs a student placement and internship program that invites new comers to be a part of the hnm fashion and design family

2) simply hired-

Online website that contains a wide range of internships and jobs that you can apply to make a place in fashion. It consists of a wide range of job opportunities and internships from beginners to advanced professionals. This will help you gain advanced practical knowledge about functioning of the fashion industry and will also help you make business contacts that will immensely hell you for your future career in fashion

3) global experiences-

a very well renowned and award winning global platform that contains internships as well as sponsorships to national and international vacancies for fashion and design. It’s a great website if you want to get sponsored for getting to learn fashion design. It’s also great for people wanting to bang jobs and internships with big brands nationally as well as abroad. This is an amazing opportunity you must not miss at all!

4) Follow brands on socials

Brands regularly post job requirements and vacancies on their social media platforms. If you aim at getting a job at any particular fashion house be sure to follow them at their socials to receive immediate notification on job placements. Brands like fashionnova and fashionnova men often post job vacancies on their socials

5) DM fashion designers and fashion houses

This will help you bang internships and jobs that are exclusive and not always announced openly. Simply DM your creations and certification to fashion houses and designers asking for internships and job opportunities available. This will get you exclusive vacancies and put you first on their list when vacancies come out!

Conclusion- so here are all crazy tips and tricks that will help become a certified fashion designer at home for free. Be sure to be consistent and take advantage of all the above mentioned courses and hacks to achieve your goals. Practising the above mentioned points will definitely and surely get you the job you’ve always dreamed of in the fashion industry.

✨Wishing you all the best for you journey✨

– love Chris Xoxo ❣️❣️

I hope you liked this blog . Make sure to like , share and subscribe. I post new blogs Every single day!. Connect with me on my social platforms for more.Until then , adios!

Fashion expectations vs reality- epic online shopping fails that will get your day going

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

Shopping is something we all love to do. Not only does it make us wanna show off but also helps to set some major mood swings shopping is a million dollar industry. Everyday millions of people shop online, but only a few get what they want. Especially with online shopping, user experience has turned even better, or has it? Here are some epic online shopping fails that will definitely make you go hahahhah

1) I wanna look tall
All the customer wanted was a basic, simple pair of blue denims. What can go wrong in that, you may think. Well! This customer would beg to differ.

The customer was horrified with a pair of blue denims made for a tall circus clown . Not only that it also has knee bags that don’t  make it seem too attractive! Does it? Well let’s look at the brighter side, at least you don’t need to wear shoes below. This was definitely a big online shopping nightmare

2) loaf – ers
Loafers are so in trend right now! They come in a load of designs and can be paired with almost any attire . However this is where the phrase comes in ” don’t take it too seriously”

The customer ordered a pair of bright yellow loafers and got this ! Two multi grain loaves in the shape of loafers. I guess the customer  at least  had a good sandwich. Don’t think this customer is going to shop online again

3) sky at my feet
While we are at shoes here is another one. Just look at how amazing these shoes look. A classic pair for sports and athleisure . The best part the bright blue colour that makes it all pop. I’m sure the girl buying it wanted to begin her fitness journey that’s been long awaited. Guess she needs to wait a little longer.

Here’s what came in the mail instead. A random shoe piece stuck together with a random rubber sole. One can’t walk in them let alone run!. I don’t think even Victoria secret models can handle such footware. This was definitely a what I expected vs what I got moment.

5) wild wedding
We’ve all got friends, cousins or mates who order  outfits online for their big day. We also know more who have received the complete opposite of what they expected for their big day! Here is another epic online fail that should definitely not be repeated , ever!

Here is an innocent girl who trusted online Shopping for her big wedding night. Having everything perfectly ready , this is what she received one day before her wedding. A pair of white jumpsuit badly stitched with leftover pieces of net . Not only is it a bad fit but also has no zip at the back! You can surely see the heat in the bride’s eyes! This definitely adds to our list of funny online shopping fails

6)mini mini mini skirt
It’s always hard to judge the exact size  we need while online shopping. However the most wrong one can go is, either 1 size above or below! Right! Well not soo much

This college girl wanted to get some male attention on her first day of college. She ordered what looked like a bright red flattering skirt  that would move with the wind gluing eyeballs. However not all plans work and nor did this . What she got was a ruffled cloth the size of her arm , that barely fit her thigh. Guess her mom knew what she was upto and switched sizes while no one was watching! This adds one more customer  to our list who deeply regrets shopping online!

7) absolute misfit
Not only girls don’t get what the expect while online shopping guys are doing pretty well at that too. We all know that outfit that looks immaculate on a mannequin but equally horrendous when we put it on. This customer below is going through the same feeling while trying this on. Here is another hilarious online fail.

What he ordered was this classic winter jacket that adds a dapper look to anything you pair it with. Umm I guess you need to rethink that one. This jacket is soo wrong in size it makes him look like an inflated balloon ready  burst. While the colour he ordered was an amazing tan, the one he received was in mustard yellow.
He definitely ain’t wearing that one!

8) uninstagraMable outfits
Instagram has become one of the most used apps of all times.we are all guilty of checking for likes and follows every second the phone buzzes. Instagram has definitely also influenced our style over time. Here is an attempt to slaying Instagram that failed miserably!

This clearly depicts vs reality. what we see on social media is not always the truth and here’s why. This girl ordered a pretty, chic nude outfit to get clicked for instagram. Hoping to trend on social media and become the next fashionista she also agreed to pay a high price for this one. However all her dreams were shattered when she saw this in her mail! A completely used piece of cloth, with random cuts and a piece of lace hap hazzaredly  pinned to it. She decided to delete all social media and has turned into a monk.

9) it’s snowing
We all shop seasonal clothes and are specially keen for seasonal offers too. Here’s what happened when one girl thought she bannged a deal for a cute designer sweater

This girl  ordered a cute hand knitted winter sweater for her winter holidays. Thinking of snowfights and hot apple ciders , the discount was just another reason for her to have it at all costs. However I don’t think this did keep her warm all winter! Infact now she hates winter holidays and has shifted to a desert country.

10) it’s time for prom-
We all know that one person who shops for prom online. That is the same person , who gets something completely opposite of what they expect. Look at this hilarious prom dress fail that will get you ROFL

This poor girl was so excited for prom she had her stuff ready a month in advance. What was pending though was her outfit that was supposed to come one day before prom. This is what she got in her mail. This is definately one of the most epic fashion fails of all times

11) stud style
We all shop online for a particular occasion or an event. Athleisure is one , a huge number of people order online for their gym and daily sports activities. This is a guy who did the same, and here’s what followed

This guy ordered a grey tank top which came in as a party dress! And what is least of his concern is that he ordered it in grey and recieved it in shiny silver!

12) style it up
We often see many celebrities flaunt new fashion styles on social media on a daily basis. Very often we do think of buying something similar to look trendy and hip. A simple shrug overcoat works the same. It’s basic style and effortless fitting adds charm to anything you pair it with. However looks like this one came in too effortless

This guy ordered a trending Cape coat which came in like this. He simply got a cloath with two holes cut in them! And what’s worse he ordered them in grey .

13) it’s all graphics
We see  fun graphic  t-shirts all over online stores.they come with great  captions , memes or simply colourful logos that  simply make your day! But little did this customer know he was being graphically fooled

This customer was not at all pleased with the graphics on his t-shirt cause it simply wasn’t visible. He now uses this t-shirt as a mop cloth to clean furniture

14) pretty princess
Halloween is one of the most awaited times of the entire year. This is the day! When you can simply be whoever you want, whatever you want without being dragged for it. This customer too in her halloween enthusiasm choose to become a princess for the occasion. But little did she know ,  becoming a princess comes with its own struggles.

What she ordered was a beautiful Bella gown from beauty and the beast but instead got a ruffled curtain that did not even reach her knees! It also was nothing like the picture showed . She ended up becoming a  matchstick seller for Halloween!

15) in a twisted world
The world nowdays is pretty twisted ! People day things they don’t mean and do things without thinking. But little did this customer know that the world could be that upside down!

This customer ordered a simple bathing suit for her beach pic next week. However what she received was a swimsuit with its backside stiched with its front! It is not just pure stupid but also confusing when the customer first saw it! She went on to twitter saying “don’t shop from( xyz) as the don’t know which is the front and which is the back. Well, all we can do is hope she had a good day at the beach in those!

Below are some more crazy  online shopping fails that will make you laugh your balls out!

Too racist to wear

Sultry ambition


A size too small

You don’t mean what you say

This woman’s PJ’s weren’t quite as she imagined

Her dress came as a tshirt

She ordered some crystals but recieved a spray painted rock

Ordered a princess lela costume for Halloween but ended up looking like a pale white ghost

This is definately not a size 32

The couple learned it the hard way

She ordered it for herself , but definitely wasn’t the fit, tried it on her cat but don’t cover her nipples too! In summary don’t purchase it even for your cat!

What I ordered vs what I got

Too tight for your sight

Let me know if you have experienced any hilarious online shopping nightmares in the comments below!

I hope you loved this blog ,and if you did make sure to like , share and . I post new blogs Every single day!. Until the next one, adios!

Skin talk- Beginners guide to k beauty

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

We all very well know that Korea is the beauty capital of the world. People from all over the world come here to shop skincare and experience advanced cosmetic procedures. When tested it was learnt that Korean beauty products are 10 decades further from the rest of the world in terms of formulations and effectiveness. Be it any skin concerns all your answers lie in that one bottle of k beauty product. K beauty products are also multi functional and performs  varied tasks that would usually take multiple products. This not only saves you hassle of layering product after product and time consumption but also reduces expenses. So now you know why you need Korean products in your skincare let’s move on to guiding you through it

Koreans are very particular , when it comes to skin-care. It is an important part of Korean culture since ages to maintain and take proper care of their skin. There are some steps that are mandatory and common in all k beauty Regime’s while some  are added according to one’s skin concerns

Step 1

Cleansing as we all know is the major step to have healthy skin . Cleanliness is truly next to godliness. So if you want your skin looking godly you need to clean it well. K beauty has introduced the double cleansing method , to ensure that your skin is free of dirt, oil and sebum.
A) oil cleanse
B) foam cleanse

Oil cleansing-This works on the principle of like dissolves like. Oil cleansing gets rid of oil, product and sebum off your face . It dissolves of it opening up pores for the next step.

Foam cleansing- since the pores are now open, foam cleansing helps get rid of dirt, pollution and impurities that cause skin problems

This is the rice foaming cleanser from the face shop. I personally really like this product . It clenses and brightens skin without stripping it off its moisture


The next step of cleansing is exfoliation. Koreans exfoliate their skin on a daily basis. However daily exfoliation can be a skincare Hazzard if done wrong.  Exfoliators in western markets are mostly physical , which damage and irritate your skin . Koreans usually use a mild exfoliator or a chemical exfoliator to get rid of everyday dead skin. Mild exfoliators are usually cellulose based which act up on your skin when massaged into it. It feels like cooked oatmeal or wet bread. It is very gentle on skin and basically polishes your skin diminishing pores. While chemical cleansing is a bit strong and usually done only once a week to bulldoze dead skin.

This is the smart peeling gel from the face shop. Don’t work it does not peal off your skin. It contains cellulose that gently polishes skin getting rid of dead skin . It also helps in brightening up your skin

Face mask-

Koreans go all down when it comes to face masks. Did you know Korea manufactures more than 75% of total face mask manufacturing in the  entire world! Koreans use face masks on a daily basis. However just like exfoliating using a face mask everyday can affect your skin’s moisture barrier. Hence Koreans resort to sheet masks instead of wash off masks. Simply put on a mask for about 30 mins and remove. Pat the remaining serum into your skin by patting. This greatly helps to give your skin that korean brightening and glow!

This is a collagen mask that helps with making your skin plum and giving it a youthful glow


Toner plays a vital role in Korean skincare. Korean toners are way advanced and effective than other toners. Their partial size is 12- 14 times smaller than other toners. This helps it to seep deeper into the skin while others simply work on the surface. Korean toners are also known to be more moisturizing and do not strip skin of natural oils that are essential for healthy skin . While western toners contain a load of alcohol and astringents that strip skin off its moisture contents. Korean toners also are multi functional and do much more than just maintaining pH balance of your skin. They heal , repair , Moisturize and Brighten up skin .

This is the time revolution toner from missah. It’s a great toner and a great dupe for luxury brands. It’s a must try!


This is the miracle product that give Koreans the glow we all want. Essence is a concentrated solution that primarily makes your skin glowup, however it consists  various ingredients that help with your skin issues. This is done right after toning your face. This step is essential to get that Korean glow and hydration.

This is a great essence . It’s a clear dupe for the famous SK 2 essence. It has a velvety finish and leaves the skin glowing and young


Serum is the step where Koreans treat and repair skin issues that act up. Now that your skin has got the right hydration and nourishment to glow and repair it is time to treat existing skin problems. Choice of serums is usually on the skin problem your facing. If you are dealing with acne and acne scarring, a salcylic acid serum is for you while ,if you have dull skin a vitamin c serum is your must have.

This is one of the most raved beauty serums of all times. It even featured in the vogue magazine of beauty must haves. It is a unique vitamin c formulation that does not oxidize unlike other vitamin c serums. It’s great for daily use and helps diminish acne scaring a, pigmentation and dull skin over a period of time

Eye cream-

Did you know your eye are is 15 times more thinner than the rest of your face! Hence taking good care of your under eyes is very important . Koreans use daily eye creams with spf. This not only nourishes and repairs under eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles but also protects from future damage

With UV-targeting sunscreens making up nearly one fifth of the formulation, this Supergoop product delivers the some of the strongest broad-spectrum protection of any eye cream on the market. Zinc oxide (a physical blocker) and octinoxate (a chemical one) work together to filter UVA and UVB rays, preventing sunburn in the short term and things like age spots and collagen degradation over time. Skin-conditioning glycerin and sunflower seed oil offset any drying effects, and mica adds a bit of a glow.

Moisturizer- This step helps put all things in place. A good moisturizer helps to get all the skincare working while keeping it in place. It ensures that no skincare falls off your face and layering your skincare products remains effective. It also prevents moisture loss from skin and acts as a shield protecting your moisture barrier
ceramide is composed of sphingosine and a fatty acid.Ceramides are found in high concentrations within the cell membrane of eukaryotic cells, since they are component lipids that make up sphingomyelin, one of the major lipids in the lipid bilayer.

This is the rice ceramide moisturizer from the face shop. It greatly helps in moisture retention and repairing moisture barrier.

Face mist- Koreans usually top it all of with some sprays of face mist-. This usually contains pure flower extract that helps to add moisture and plumness to skin.

This is a great tea mist by Innis free. It is a detoxifying mist that consists green  tea extracts

Lip balm- it’s just as important to take care of your lips, as important to take care of your skin. Koreans use over night lip masks at night to nourish and plum the skin . In the morning they go for a lip balm with spf to protect it from harmful UV rays

This is a great coca butter formulation for every day use. It is even tiles with spf 15 to prevent skin darkening

While all these steps are done at night to repair and nourish skin, their morning routine is more about protecting skin from the external environment . This starts with  topping the above mentioned routine with spf

sunscreen- sunscreen is the holy grail in Korean skincare. In Korea children are not allowed to step out before applying spf. Korean sunscreens as stated are way advanced in formulations and effectiveness. Korean sunscreens do not contain an spf below 40. That’s how important spf is in Korea. Koreans apply loads of sunscreen everyday to protect their skin against harmful UV rays . The sun is considered as skin enemy no 1. It causes skin problems like sun burn , uneven skintone, aging, fine lines and wrinkles, acne etc. Hence it is very important to wear sunscreen everyday of  the year. Koreans also reapply sunscreen every 3 hours to maintain effectiveness. This is done either in the form of powders or cushions.
This is the sun milk light weight daily spf sun screen. It is great for every day use and leaves an amazing glow after use!

This is the missha sun milk sunscreen with spf 50 pa ++++ . It’s a great light weight sunscreen that has zero white cast ang gets absorbed in minutes. It’s a chemical sunscreen and looks great under makeup too

So here it is you guys your basic guide to k beauty and k skincare. I hope you loved it and if you did make sure to like , share and subscribe to my blog. I post new blogs everyday .

Feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below! Connect with me on my socials ( links below) until then adios!

Workout Wednesday- get lean abs in a week!

We all scroll through social media looking at people flaunting such a well sculpted body and amazing looking abs. So let’s get off our couch , put the ice cream tub aside and work for it. For as difficult it might seem, it’s actually pretty simple to achieve it. Yes you heard me right, all you need to do is be consistent. Follow these simple exercises and you will achieve your abs dream within a week!

1) crunches:

The crunch is one of the most popular abdominal exercises. It involves the entire abs, but primarily it works the rectus abdominis muscle and also works the obliques. It allows both building six-pack abs, and tightening the belly

Perform 2 sets of 12 each

2)Bent leg v up

(Step 1 Lie on your back with your legs straight. Place your hands by your sides. Step 2 Lift your shoulders off the ground as you sit up. Lift your feet off the floor simultaneously and bring your knees toward your stomach, balancing on your glutes. Slowly lower to the starting position.

Perform 2 sets of 10 each

3)flutter kicks

A Flutter Kick is an exercise that specifically targets the lower abdominal wall. You perform this move by lying on your back and using your core to “flutter” your legs up and down. You’ll often see this type of move performed in Pilates, barre and strength training classes

Perform 2 sets of 14 each

4) alternate toe touch

Lie on your back with your arms to the side, and legs raised at a 45-degree angle with the floor. At the same time, raise your right leg up and lift your torso. Reach your left hand toward your right leg, as if you’re trying to touch your toe. Return to start and repeat on the other side. 

Perform 2 sets of 16 each

5) Russian twists

To perform the Russian twist, first, one should sit on the floor with knees bent as in a “sit-up” position. The feet should be kept together and slightly above the ground or put under a stable surface. The torso should be kept straight with the back kept off the ground at a 45 degree angle. Arms should be held together away from the body in a straight fashion and hands kept locked together like a ball or one can hold a weight to increase the difficulty. Next, the arms should be swung from one side to another in a twisting motion, with each swing to a side counting as one repetition. The slower one moves the arms from side to side, the harder the exercise becomes, working the abdomen that much better. The Russian twist is a type of exercise that is used to work the abdominal muscles by performing a twisting motion on the abdomen. 

Perform 2 sets of 16 each

And unless you’re adding significant resistance to your ab routine or working them so hard that they are noticeably sore the next day, you’re safe to work them every day. But, just because you can work yourabs every day doesn’t mean it’s the most effectiveway to attain a strong core, flat abs or lean physique.

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Trending Thursday- top ten style pieces to blow up on social media ( mens edition)

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

So since quarantine our physical activities have reduced while our social media activities have increased considerably.  It’s possible to spend all day over social media , but yet overlook the current and upcoming fashion trends.  Now if you are a social media influencer or anyone who just wants to blow up on social media here’s the style tips that will help you achieve your goals. Social media algorithm promotes current and present style trends increasing viewership that will get you trending on the feature page. It’s important to spot and use trends for growth in order to remain relevant and grow an audience

This is the male series, however I have even posted a female version of the same. ( Check out my previous blog)

1) the long – half sleeve:

This style of fashion t shirts have originated in Korea . It simply contains plain t shirts except with broad and comparatively long sleeves. You might have seen it a lot on social media these days. Even celebrities are seen flaunting this look with simple ripped denims

2) caps:

Caps have made a massive comeback this fashion season. Simply purchase a pastel coloured plain cap , match it with the colour of your t shirt and there you have it, an Instagram worthy outfit. If you want to use your caps as a statement piece, simply get a eye catching one with something savage written on it. Pair it with your casual outfit and you’re good to go!

3) dungree:

Dungree is a great way to spark on social media. It’s been coming down the years and still remain a classic. Be sure to purchase a basic denim dungree. Wear it with a plain white t-shirt , to give you that spunky look

4) vintage crop shirts

You’ve probably seen a lot of influencers and instagrammers already flaunt it in their vacation pictures. These are usually linen , printed , bright shirts that fall over your body effortlessly giving you a vacation vibe! Style it with a pair of white bottoms and you’re good to go

5) Ankle length cotton pants:

These simply call chic. It’s a vacation vibe style piece but also can be worn with formals. It’s knee length gives it a modern look while material gives it a casual style statement . Simply pair with a plain t shirt and your good to go!

6) side bags:

These may be a different add on to your basic wardrobe style, but it will definitely make your basic outfit more instagramable. Simply wrap a side bag across your chest or waist and vola! There you have it a spunky , cool instagram outfit

7)track suits:

These have come recently in fashion markets and are definitely trending all over social media. You will find celebrities wear it to award functions as well cause it gives it a cool athleisure look. This is the ootd if you’re looking for an effortless airport look. Be sure to purchase one with bright colours and fancy prints. This really looks attractive digitally and will definitely get you more likes and following.

8) white sneakers

These are basic essentials you need to have in your wardrobe. White sneakers can be paired with any outfits and make your look more professionally styled. Simply purchase a pair of basic white sneakers and your good to go! It need not be branded, locals work just as good.

9) Chokers

Gone are the days where only girls could wear jewellery! Silver jewelry have recently made a comeback and are definitely trending!. So put on your rings , chains and studs and flaunt it in your digitals! It makes your digitals definitely more pleasing and like worthy!A lot of influencers use the bling effect with jewellery on to make it more asthetically pleasing

10) Colourful shades

Gone are the days when black shades were all that were worn. Today you can spot shades in millions of colours and designs but, the ones that look most appealing and asthetic on social media are the shades in red and yellow. These shades have voted to be 75 % more eye-catching than the rest. So you definitely want to use this to your benefit. You need not purchase a high end brand . Buying one from a local thrift store it the real deal

So here it is you guys fashion trends that you need to grab before if fly’s. Use these fashion tips and become the next fashion icon.

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Masking Monday- at home facepack to get rid of hyperpigmentation

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

Hyperpigmentation appears as darkened patches or spots on the skin that make skin look uneven. The spots are known as age spots or sun spots andhyperpigmentation is also at the heart of skin conditions such as melasma and post-inflammatoryhyperpigmentation.It can take three to 24 months for PIH to fully fade,3 although in some cases it may take longer. The length of time it takes for PIH to fade depends on how dark the spot is compared to the surrounding skin.

I’ve personally suffered from hyperpigmentation and sun burn for long!. However finally I’ve been able to get rid of it completely. Here are some home made masks to help you achieve a flawless complexion at home.



1) raw milk treatment-

Start with a clean fresh face. Dip a cotton ball into a cup of raw milk and wipe your face with it. I advise raw cold milk , as milk helps to calm skin irritation and cold milk works better in doing so. Wait for about 5 minutes and wash off


Mix 1tbsp of multani mitti ,with 1/2 tbsp turmeric, tbsp tomato juice,1tbsp curd and 1tbsp potato juice. Mix it all together and apply it for about 45 mins. Avoid under eye area.

Multani mitti is a firming and detoxifying agent and will help to get rid of the top layer of dead skin on your face. Turmeric works as an anti bacterial agent reducing spreading and intensification of hyperpigmentation, tomato juice contain natural astringent properties make it ideal for clearing blemishes. As far as the dark spots on theskin are concerned, the high lycopene content present in tomatoes helps in lightening these stubborn spots. Potato juice helps lighten pigmentation while curd helps to polish and calm skin


Steam your face for about 8-9 mins and massage the face pack off with a cotton ball. Rinse with warm water

Post treatment

Apply a hydrating moisturizer

Eg- cerave, the ordinary, Cetaphil
Follow with a good sun block to avoid further darkening-

Eg- supergoop, regaliz sunblock etc

Apply twice a week for best results

There are a number of other cosmetic treatments as well in case of alergic hyperpigmentation

  • Retinoids.
  • Chemical peel.
  • Laser peel.
  • IPL therapy.
  • Microdermabrasion.
  • Dermabrasion.

2) lemon facemask

Simply take 1tbsp lemon and tbsp honey mix it well . Apply for 15 mins

Take a slice of lemon and dip in finely grounded sugar and massage it over your face

now wash off the mask and sugar with warm water. Follow up with a hydrating moisturizer

3) orange peel pack

Take 1 tbsp of orange peel powder, mix it with 1 tbsp honey ,1 tbsp milk, 1tbsp sandle wood powder. Apply for 30 mins and wash of with warm water

Massage your face with ice cubes for 5 mins . Follow up with a good moisturizer.

So here it is you guys home made facepacks to get rid of hyperpigmentation . Use it regularly for best results. These skin packs are suitable for all skin types and can be stored for about a week.

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5 morning habits to boost skin glow

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

Happy Sunday guys and here is a grooming post for all you beauty hoarders. As we all know we live in a digital age. We speak in pictures and videos rather than words or thoughts. It has only increased the need to look physically appealing in order to be heard in the room.

These are some simple beauty habits that that you can perform everyday to look effortlessly gorgeous and alluring

1) ice it up

This is a skin care trend followed by most Hollywood celebrities. It helps to firm and tighten skin while reducing pore size. It also helps to reduce puffyness and reduce redness.

Process- simply take a bowl of cold water add some ice cubes to it. submerge your face into the bowl for about 30 secs. Repeat 3-4 times for youthful looking skin

2)Face yoga

This method is used by celebrity facialists and Yogi’s to improve your skin internally . This form of beauty is of the highest form and order. Internal beauty Regime’s have proven to be more effective and long-lasting in comparison to external beauty methods.

Process- simply use your middle and pointer fingers to sculpt your face. massage your temples ,nose , cheekbones gently. Beware of applying moisturizer before face massaging.


This refers to drinking organic green or herbal tea before starting your day. Herbal tea contains a ton of antioxidants that help to fight free radicals in your body. Drinking it with warm water helps to flus off toxins increasing skinglow

Process- simply intake a cup of green tea, Lavender tea , Tulsi tea before brushing your teeth in the morning. Do not eat anything for 1 hr after drinking


Most people use skincare the wrong way!. Usually individuals dot products all over their face and then spread it out with their fingers. However this decreases effectiveness of products

Process- simply take pea size product in the centre of your palm. Massage it between your palms and apply it on your face in a slapping motion. Massaging products between your palms heats up products activating ingredients to work better while slapping motion helps to improve blood circulation in your face

5)Moisturize in the bathroom

Many of us make the common mistake of moisturizing after coming out if the bathroom. This is the wrong way , as your pores tend to open up while having bath and shut within 5 seconds after. By the time you apply moisturizer your pores are closed , and the products end up just building on the surface of the skin rather than seeping deep into your pores

Process- simply slap on moisturizer before leaving the bathroom. This will ensure moisture retention and allow better absorption of skincare you layer afterwards.

So here it is you guys, 5 simple activities that will considerably help your skin and also fasten skin repair. When done on a regular basis you will notice great difference in skin texture and skin disorders.

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Spa Saturday- celebrity facials you need to try at least once in your lifetime

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

Did you have a long week? Does your skin feel undernourished and worked up? Or do you simply need some pampering? . Here are some great facials that Hollywood celebrities swear by that you must try. Not only will they help your skin but also give you your pampering dose for the month!.

1) contouring facial:

Contouring facial is one of the most consumed facial in South America and Asian countries. As the name suggests it is done mainly to get a more defined and youthful face structure. It also helps to rejuvenate , hydrate and get rid of dead skin all over your face and neck.

Celebrities- Miley Cyrus, Emma Roberts, Mandy Moore
Price- 300$ to 450$
Technique- product layering, microdermabrasion for deep exfoliation,ultrasonic skin hydration,facial lymphatic drainage,deep tissue massage, led light treatment
Repetition- once a month

Cleopatra treatment-

Glow like Cleopatra , with the deep hydrating and rejuvenating Cleopatra treatment. It completely gets rid of all face gunk , leaving your skin baby soft and luscious like Cleopatra

Celebrities- Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lopez
Price- 350-650$
Technique- deep facial cleanse, blackhead and sebum extraction, 24 caret gold mask, milk and honey mask
Repetition- twice a month

Tikkun Home

Glass skin facial-

As we all know well, the Korean inspired glass skin look has been trending for quite a while now. We also know Koreans are known all over the globe, for their skincare. Skincare and beauty in Korea is a huge industry in itself . Koreans are very particular about their skincare and get facials done at least once every month.

Celebrities- park bo gum,Song Hye kyo,Seo Kang Joon
Technique- deep tissue massage, pore clense, unltrasonic face lift, led lights, face massage, mask, serum and sunscreen
Repetition- once every week

Seoul Guide Medical

Ldf treatment

This is mainly for troubled and acne prone skin . It helps to greatly detoxify skin, drain lymph muscles and clear hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.

Celebrities- Natalie portman, Venessa huggens, Taylor Swift
Technique-deep pore cleansing followed by skin extraction, calming mask, chemical peel , hydrating mask , serum , moisturizer facial massage.
Repetition- once a month

Red carpet facial-

As the name suggests this facial is famous in Hollywood la among almost all Hollywood stars. It is usually done a week before award shows and red carpets to get a flawless , goddess look .

Celebrities- rihana, Kim Kardashian, Jenni Lee
Technique- led light session to boost skin glow, skin cleanse to get rid of dirt and gunk in skin, micro current to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, amber led light machine to increase collagen production, oxygen boost
Repetition- once a month

So here it is you guys some of the most consumed celebrity facials that you need to get at least once in your lifetime, cause your no less of a celebrity your self!. I know , these facials might seem a bit expensive however , Skin clinics also provide low cost facials having similar procedures and effects on skin! Be sure to check the links to get your hands on discounts on facials and spa experiences

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Workout Wednesday- at Home model workout routine

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

So we all are well aware of how important it is to workout and provide physical movement to our body. Not only does it develop resistance to disease but also tones your body giving you a more appealing look. It also makes clothes look better on you! As we all know that gyms are closed all over ,but that ain’t stopping us to remain fit this quarantine. Here is a 15 min every day in house work out routine that will help you get fit and also make your skin glow. These exercises are common in almost all model workouts . Models swear by these to keep them fit and toned even while traveling

1) handstand

It’s a basic warm up exercise to help your arm, and shoulder muscles develop.This will help your upper body to get a asthetic look and feel. It also is great for skin glow as it makes blood rush towards your face. This brings oxygen to your face and imparts glow

Try a hand stand for about 30 secs, and relax

2) squats

It’s the most effective way to tone your legs and gluets. It helps to make your plums look more juicy and thighs more thick. Simply perform 30 squats and relax. Perform 3 sets


This is the exercise that models swear by! It helps greatly to tone your abs and reduce waist size. Perform planks for 30 sec and relax . Perform 2 sets

5)Cobra stretch

This is a stretching exercises that ligetly makes you look like a serpent. This is done in order to stretch your body muscles and create muscle pull. It’s a great back exercise and helps to diminish back pain over a period of time.It is also proven to increase height when performed regularly.

6)sumo squats

Another exercise from the squats family! This one focuses more on your bottoms and aims in giving it a perfect round shape. It also expands bottom muscles to make it look fuller. Simply do 12 reps 2 times and relax

7)child pose

This pose is usually performed at the end of your work out routine. This helps to relax strained muscle and calm down body hyperactivity. It is also great for glowing skin as it pushes blood to the face , increasing oxygen flow in the skin.


This is a classic exercise to get abs going fast. Simply lay down on a mat and try touching your knees to your head. This helps develop abdominal muscles and and eventually gives rise to abs. Perform 12 reps 2 times


This is a yoga stretch pose that helps to stretch body muscles and increase hight. It is a great way to clam down body activity and also reduces tense nerves. Simply maintain position for about 1 min . Perform 2 sets and relax

Hand scissors

Simply raise your hand at shoulder length.Now move your hands in a scissors like motion.This helps to develop shoulder muscles and also broaden them . It also works out your arms and develoes them . Do 15 reps two times and relax

So here it is you guys my guide to in house workout. These exercises do not require weights and can be performed at the comfort of your home. It also requires barely 15 – 25 mins and will definitely give you great results when performed on a regular basis.

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