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Trending Thursday- top ten style pieces to blow up on social media ( mens edition)

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

So since quarantine our physical activities have reduced while our social media activities have increased considerably.  It’s possible to spend all day over social media , but yet overlook the current and upcoming fashion trends.  Now if you are a social media influencer or anyone who just wants to blow up on social media here’s the style tips that will help you achieve your goals. Social media algorithm promotes current and present style trends increasing viewership that will get you trending on the feature page. It’s important to spot and use trends for growth in order to remain relevant and grow an audience

This is the male series, however I have even posted a female version of the same. ( Check out my previous blog)

1) the long – half sleeve:

This style of fashion t shirts have originated in Korea . It simply contains plain t shirts except with broad and comparatively long sleeves. You might have seen it a lot on social media these days. Even celebrities are seen flaunting this look with simple ripped denims

2) caps:

Caps have made a massive comeback this fashion season. Simply purchase a pastel coloured plain cap , match it with the colour of your t shirt and there you have it, an Instagram worthy outfit. If you want to use your caps as a statement piece, simply get a eye catching one with something savage written on it. Pair it with your casual outfit and you’re good to go!

3) dungree:

Dungree is a great way to spark on social media. It’s been coming down the years and still remain a classic. Be sure to purchase a basic denim dungree. Wear it with a plain white t-shirt , to give you that spunky look

4) vintage crop shirts

You’ve probably seen a lot of influencers and instagrammers already flaunt it in their vacation pictures. These are usually linen , printed , bright shirts that fall over your body effortlessly giving you a vacation vibe! Style it with a pair of white bottoms and you’re good to go

5) Ankle length cotton pants:

These simply call chic. It’s a vacation vibe style piece but also can be worn with formals. It’s knee length gives it a modern look while material gives it a casual style statement . Simply pair with a plain t shirt and your good to go!

6) side bags:

These may be a different add on to your basic wardrobe style, but it will definitely make your basic outfit more instagramable. Simply wrap a side bag across your chest or waist and vola! There you have it a spunky , cool instagram outfit

7)track suits:

These have come recently in fashion markets and are definitely trending all over social media. You will find celebrities wear it to award functions as well cause it gives it a cool athleisure look. This is the ootd if you’re looking for an effortless airport look. Be sure to purchase one with bright colours and fancy prints. This really looks attractive digitally and will definitely get you more likes and following.

8) white sneakers

These are basic essentials you need to have in your wardrobe. White sneakers can be paired with any outfits and make your look more professionally styled. Simply purchase a pair of basic white sneakers and your good to go! It need not be branded, locals work just as good.

9) Chokers

Gone are the days where only girls could wear jewellery! Silver jewelry have recently made a comeback and are definitely trending!. So put on your rings , chains and studs and flaunt it in your digitals! It makes your digitals definitely more pleasing and like worthy!A lot of influencers use the bling effect with jewellery on to make it more asthetically pleasing

10) Colourful shades

Gone are the days when black shades were all that were worn. Today you can spot shades in millions of colours and designs but, the ones that look most appealing and asthetic on social media are the shades in red and yellow. These shades have voted to be 75 % more eye-catching than the rest. So you definitely want to use this to your benefit. You need not purchase a high end brand . Buying one from a local thrift store it the real deal

So here it is you guys fashion trends that you need to grab before if fly’s. Use these fashion tips and become the next fashion icon.

Hope you guys liked the blog. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe for more upcoming glowup content. Comment below what would you like to hear about next! Hope to see you next time , until then adios!

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