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Fashion expectations vs reality- epic online shopping fails that will get your day going

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

Shopping is something we all love to do. Not only does it make us wanna show off but also helps to set some major mood swings shopping is a million dollar industry. Everyday millions of people shop online, but only a few get what they want. Especially with online shopping, user experience has turned even better, or has it? Here are some epic online shopping fails that will definitely make you go hahahhah

1) I wanna look tall
All the customer wanted was a basic, simple pair of blue denims. What can go wrong in that, you may think. Well! This customer would beg to differ.

The customer was horrified with a pair of blue denims made for a tall circus clown . Not only that it also has knee bags that don’t  make it seem too attractive! Does it? Well let’s look at the brighter side, at least you don’t need to wear shoes below. This was definitely a big online shopping nightmare

2) loaf – ers
Loafers are so in trend right now! They come in a load of designs and can be paired with almost any attire . However this is where the phrase comes in ” don’t take it too seriously”

The customer ordered a pair of bright yellow loafers and got this ! Two multi grain loaves in the shape of loafers. I guess the customer  at least  had a good sandwich. Don’t think this customer is going to shop online again

3) sky at my feet
While we are at shoes here is another one. Just look at how amazing these shoes look. A classic pair for sports and athleisure . The best part the bright blue colour that makes it all pop. I’m sure the girl buying it wanted to begin her fitness journey that’s been long awaited. Guess she needs to wait a little longer.

Here’s what came in the mail instead. A random shoe piece stuck together with a random rubber sole. One can’t walk in them let alone run!. I don’t think even Victoria secret models can handle such footware. This was definitely a what I expected vs what I got moment.

5) wild wedding
We’ve all got friends, cousins or mates who order  outfits online for their big day. We also know more who have received the complete opposite of what they expected for their big day! Here is another epic online fail that should definitely not be repeated , ever!

Here is an innocent girl who trusted online Shopping for her big wedding night. Having everything perfectly ready , this is what she received one day before her wedding. A pair of white jumpsuit badly stitched with leftover pieces of net . Not only is it a bad fit but also has no zip at the back! You can surely see the heat in the bride’s eyes! This definitely adds to our list of funny online shopping fails

6)mini mini mini skirt
It’s always hard to judge the exact size  we need while online shopping. However the most wrong one can go is, either 1 size above or below! Right! Well not soo much

This college girl wanted to get some male attention on her first day of college. She ordered what looked like a bright red flattering skirt  that would move with the wind gluing eyeballs. However not all plans work and nor did this . What she got was a ruffled cloth the size of her arm , that barely fit her thigh. Guess her mom knew what she was upto and switched sizes while no one was watching! This adds one more customer  to our list who deeply regrets shopping online!

7) absolute misfit
Not only girls don’t get what the expect while online shopping guys are doing pretty well at that too. We all know that outfit that looks immaculate on a mannequin but equally horrendous when we put it on. This customer below is going through the same feeling while trying this on. Here is another hilarious online fail.

What he ordered was this classic winter jacket that adds a dapper look to anything you pair it with. Umm I guess you need to rethink that one. This jacket is soo wrong in size it makes him look like an inflated balloon ready  burst. While the colour he ordered was an amazing tan, the one he received was in mustard yellow.
He definitely ain’t wearing that one!

8) uninstagraMable outfits
Instagram has become one of the most used apps of all times.we are all guilty of checking for likes and follows every second the phone buzzes. Instagram has definitely also influenced our style over time. Here is an attempt to slaying Instagram that failed miserably!

This clearly depicts vs reality. what we see on social media is not always the truth and here’s why. This girl ordered a pretty, chic nude outfit to get clicked for instagram. Hoping to trend on social media and become the next fashionista she also agreed to pay a high price for this one. However all her dreams were shattered when she saw this in her mail! A completely used piece of cloth, with random cuts and a piece of lace hap hazzaredly  pinned to it. She decided to delete all social media and has turned into a monk.

9) it’s snowing
We all shop seasonal clothes and are specially keen for seasonal offers too. Here’s what happened when one girl thought she bannged a deal for a cute designer sweater

This girl  ordered a cute hand knitted winter sweater for her winter holidays. Thinking of snowfights and hot apple ciders , the discount was just another reason for her to have it at all costs. However I don’t think this did keep her warm all winter! Infact now she hates winter holidays and has shifted to a desert country.

10) it’s time for prom-
We all know that one person who shops for prom online. That is the same person , who gets something completely opposite of what they expect. Look at this hilarious prom dress fail that will get you ROFL

This poor girl was so excited for prom she had her stuff ready a month in advance. What was pending though was her outfit that was supposed to come one day before prom. This is what she got in her mail. This is definately one of the most epic fashion fails of all times

11) stud style
We all shop online for a particular occasion or an event. Athleisure is one , a huge number of people order online for their gym and daily sports activities. This is a guy who did the same, and here’s what followed

This guy ordered a grey tank top which came in as a party dress! And what is least of his concern is that he ordered it in grey and recieved it in shiny silver!

12) style it up
We often see many celebrities flaunt new fashion styles on social media on a daily basis. Very often we do think of buying something similar to look trendy and hip. A simple shrug overcoat works the same. It’s basic style and effortless fitting adds charm to anything you pair it with. However looks like this one came in too effortless

This guy ordered a trending Cape coat which came in like this. He simply got a cloath with two holes cut in them! And what’s worse he ordered them in grey .

13) it’s all graphics
We see  fun graphic  t-shirts all over online stores.they come with great  captions , memes or simply colourful logos that  simply make your day! But little did this customer know he was being graphically fooled

This customer was not at all pleased with the graphics on his t-shirt cause it simply wasn’t visible. He now uses this t-shirt as a mop cloth to clean furniture

14) pretty princess
Halloween is one of the most awaited times of the entire year. This is the day! When you can simply be whoever you want, whatever you want without being dragged for it. This customer too in her halloween enthusiasm choose to become a princess for the occasion. But little did she know ,  becoming a princess comes with its own struggles.

What she ordered was a beautiful Bella gown from beauty and the beast but instead got a ruffled curtain that did not even reach her knees! It also was nothing like the picture showed . She ended up becoming a  matchstick seller for Halloween!

15) in a twisted world
The world nowdays is pretty twisted ! People day things they don’t mean and do things without thinking. But little did this customer know that the world could be that upside down!

This customer ordered a simple bathing suit for her beach pic next week. However what she received was a swimsuit with its backside stiched with its front! It is not just pure stupid but also confusing when the customer first saw it! She went on to twitter saying “don’t shop from( xyz) as the don’t know which is the front and which is the back. Well, all we can do is hope she had a good day at the beach in those!

Below are some more crazy  online shopping fails that will make you laugh your balls out!

Too racist to wear

Sultry ambition


A size too small

You don’t mean what you say

This woman’s PJ’s weren’t quite as she imagined

Her dress came as a tshirt

She ordered some crystals but recieved a spray painted rock

Ordered a princess lela costume for Halloween but ended up looking like a pale white ghost

This is definately not a size 32

The couple learned it the hard way

She ordered it for herself , but definitely wasn’t the fit, tried it on her cat but don’t cover her nipples too! In summary don’t purchase it even for your cat!

What I ordered vs what I got

Too tight for your sight

Let me know if you have experienced any hilarious online shopping nightmares in the comments below!

I hope you loved this blog ,and if you did make sure to like , share and . I post new blogs Every single day!. Until the next one, adios!

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18.entertainer and muser.Positive soul.blogger, aspiring actor model.Hakuna matata

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