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Workout Wednesday- at Home model workout routine

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

So we all are well aware of how important it is to workout and provide physical movement to our body. Not only does it develop resistance to disease but also tones your body giving you a more appealing look. It also makes clothes look better on you! As we all know that gyms are closed all over ,but that ain’t stopping us to remain fit this quarantine. Here is a 15 min every day in house work out routine that will help you get fit and also make your skin glow. These exercises are common in almost all model workouts . Models swear by these to keep them fit and toned even while traveling

1) handstand

It’s a basic warm up exercise to help your arm, and shoulder muscles develop.This will help your upper body to get a asthetic look and feel. It also is great for skin glow as it makes blood rush towards your face. This brings oxygen to your face and imparts glow

Try a hand stand for about 30 secs, and relax

2) squats

It’s the most effective way to tone your legs and gluets. It helps to make your plums look more juicy and thighs more thick. Simply perform 30 squats and relax. Perform 3 sets


This is the exercise that models swear by! It helps greatly to tone your abs and reduce waist size. Perform planks for 30 sec and relax . Perform 2 sets

5)Cobra stretch

This is a stretching exercises that ligetly makes you look like a serpent. This is done in order to stretch your body muscles and create muscle pull. It’s a great back exercise and helps to diminish back pain over a period of time.It is also proven to increase height when performed regularly.

6)sumo squats

Another exercise from the squats family! This one focuses more on your bottoms and aims in giving it a perfect round shape. It also expands bottom muscles to make it look fuller. Simply do 12 reps 2 times and relax

7)child pose

This pose is usually performed at the end of your work out routine. This helps to relax strained muscle and calm down body hyperactivity. It is also great for glowing skin as it pushes blood to the face , increasing oxygen flow in the skin.


This is a classic exercise to get abs going fast. Simply lay down on a mat and try touching your knees to your head. This helps develop abdominal muscles and and eventually gives rise to abs. Perform 12 reps 2 times


This is a yoga stretch pose that helps to stretch body muscles and increase hight. It is a great way to clam down body activity and also reduces tense nerves. Simply maintain position for about 1 min . Perform 2 sets and relax

Hand scissors

Simply raise your hand at shoulder length.Now move your hands in a scissors like motion.This helps to develop shoulder muscles and also broaden them . It also works out your arms and develoes them . Do 15 reps two times and relax

So here it is you guys my guide to in house workout. These exercises do not require weights and can be performed at the comfort of your home. It also requires barely 15 – 25 mins and will definitely give you great results when performed on a regular basis.

Hope you guys liked it. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe for more upcoming glowup content. Comment below what would you like to hear about next! Hope to see you next time , until then adios!

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