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Spa Saturday- celebrity facials you need to try at least once in your lifetime

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

Did you have a long week? Does your skin feel undernourished and worked up? Or do you simply need some pampering? . Here are some great facials that Hollywood celebrities swear by that you must try. Not only will they help your skin but also give you your pampering dose for the month!.

1) contouring facial:

Contouring facial is one of the most consumed facial in South America and Asian countries. As the name suggests it is done mainly to get a more defined and youthful face structure. It also helps to rejuvenate , hydrate and get rid of dead skin all over your face and neck.

Celebrities- Miley Cyrus, Emma Roberts, Mandy Moore
Price- 300$ to 450$
Technique- product layering, microdermabrasion for deep exfoliation,ultrasonic skin hydration,facial lymphatic drainage,deep tissue massage, led light treatment
Repetition- once a month

Cleopatra treatment-

Glow like Cleopatra , with the deep hydrating and rejuvenating Cleopatra treatment. It completely gets rid of all face gunk , leaving your skin baby soft and luscious like Cleopatra

Celebrities- Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lopez
Price- 350-650$
Technique- deep facial cleanse, blackhead and sebum extraction, 24 caret gold mask, milk and honey mask
Repetition- twice a month

Tikkun Home

Glass skin facial-

As we all know well, the Korean inspired glass skin look has been trending for quite a while now. We also know Koreans are known all over the globe, for their skincare. Skincare and beauty in Korea is a huge industry in itself . Koreans are very particular about their skincare and get facials done at least once every month.

Celebrities- park bo gum,Song Hye kyo,Seo Kang Joon
Technique- deep tissue massage, pore clense, unltrasonic face lift, led lights, face massage, mask, serum and sunscreen
Repetition- once every week

Seoul Guide Medical

Ldf treatment

This is mainly for troubled and acne prone skin . It helps to greatly detoxify skin, drain lymph muscles and clear hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.

Celebrities- Natalie portman, Venessa huggens, Taylor Swift
Technique-deep pore cleansing followed by skin extraction, calming mask, chemical peel , hydrating mask , serum , moisturizer facial massage.
Repetition- once a month

Red carpet facial-

As the name suggests this facial is famous in Hollywood la among almost all Hollywood stars. It is usually done a week before award shows and red carpets to get a flawless , goddess look .

Celebrities- rihana, Kim Kardashian, Jenni Lee
Technique- led light session to boost skin glow, skin cleanse to get rid of dirt and gunk in skin, micro current to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, amber led light machine to increase collagen production, oxygen boost
Repetition- once a month

So here it is you guys some of the most consumed celebrity facials that you need to get at least once in your lifetime, cause your no less of a celebrity your self!. I know , these facials might seem a bit expensive however , Skin clinics also provide low cost facials having similar procedures and effects on skin! Be sure to check the links to get your hands on discounts on facials and spa experiences

Hope you guys liked it. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe for more upcoming glowup content. Comment below what would you like to hear about next! Hope to see you next time , until then adios!

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