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How To Create MIND-BOGGLING Vlogs In Less Than 5 Minutes

We all agree that vlogging definitely is the content of the moment. It’s one of the most trending and in style modes of content creation today. However many get bewildered about how and what to blog even at this moment. To help you get a clearer perspective, here are my techniques on what I use and how to create phenomenal vlogs in less than 5 minutes

What is video blogging

A blog is a medium or space that enables you to express your thoughts , opinions and views on a particular topic. When videos are used to perform the same , it is called a video blog or a vlog. Video blogs enables the audience to get more clarity on topics you choose to share about. It provides better visual aid than blogs and promotes more audience interactions as well. Individuals who undertake video blogging as a full time career are called “vloggers” .

How to begin a video blog

Video blogging or vlogs is all about asthetics and visual attraction. Along with content a number of other factors contribute to the making of a successful vlog. Your vlog requires to be visually appealing and enticing for your target audience in order for them to watch it. To achieve this, blog set up and equipment is of utmost importance. This not only makes content more engaging but also improves content quality which is an essential requirement for a prosperous vlog

Here are a list of items that I personally use to create some mind boggling video blogs

1) camera

The first and most important equipment to begin vlogging is a good quality camera. A fine quality camera instantly upscales your content giving it a more of a professional touch. I personally use the SONY ALPHA a600 Mirror less camera

I love this camera as it not only comes with great capture quality but also contains multiple professional features that help to make your content look more polished. Some of its impressive features include

– hyper camera stability

– great colour capture

– low light clarity

– mega zoom

– in built editing

And much more. This is definitely an incredible purchase especially for all the blooming vloggers out there.

2) microphone-

One of the major hinderances while creating good quality vlogs is background disturbance and unwanted noise. Especially if you choose to shoot in a crowded location or are a travel vlogger , superfluous background sound seems inevitable. To deal with this I use the SHURE SM78B CARDIOID DYNAMIC MICROPHONE.

This has great quality and captures your voice even from a considerable distance. It works perfectly indoors as well as outdoors . It’s lightweight body makes it travel friendly and suitable for travel vloggers as too

3) Backdrop

As video blogging is all about visual appeal a good backdrop plays a vital role in achieving the look. A good backdrop clears up background disturbance by portraying a clean stage. While purchasing a backdrop try to steer away from excessive designs and bright colours as they create a hinderance and divert attention from the main subject. Rather opt for monochrome or pastel shades as they serve the purpose and also appear pleasant on screen .The one I myself use is the BOOSTY 8 x12 FT White LEKERA Backdrop Photo Light Studio Photography Background

Not only is it budget friendly but also comes with a variety of height adjustments that prove to be super user friendly. It also includes 3 different backdrops that you can choose from , so you don’t have to purchase them seperately. This is one of my best purchases till date.


Lighting plays a significant role in improving and upscaling vlog quality. Good lighting makes content more captivating and easily digestible for viewers too. This is one of the equipments that you really want to invest in . I personally love the pro led ring light by neusouq

This lighting contains

– adjustable height options

– wireless battery charging

– 3 different light setting options

– rotatable phone stand

This proves to be really convenient and is supremely helpful in creating good quality video blogs

My quick video blogging process:

Now that u know what equipments I use to create vlogs ,let’s see the steps to create them. So here is the basic outline of how I create video blogging content using these 3 simple steps

Step 1- prepare script:

I like to begin with writing down ideas and concepts I want to create vlogs on. I then create a script and a draft on how I want it to look

Step 2- Filming:

Once I am done with what I want to blog , I move on to filming my videos for my blog. I set up the equipments mentioned above and begin shooting my content.

Step 3- editing:

Once I am done filming and shooting my content , I then shift to editing the footage. This step is very vital in producing a good quality output. I personally use final cut Pro as my editing software to edit and fix my vlogs. Once I am happy with what I have achieved , simply go further and upload it.

So here it is, how I create my vlogs from start to finish. Hope you liked it and if you did do subscribe, like and share for more helpful content ❣️.

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