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Trending Tuesday: top 10 style pieces to blow up on social media

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

So since quarantine our physical activities have reduced while our social media activities have increased considerably. It’s possible to spend all day over social media , but yet overlook the current and upcoming fashion trends. Now if you are a social media influencer or anyone who just wants to blow up on social media here’s the style tips that will help you achieve your goals. Social media algorithm promotes current and present style trends increasing viewership that will get you trending on the feature page. It’s important to spot and use trends for growth in order to remain relevant and grow an audience

This is the girls eddition , I’ll be posting a guys edition too this Thursday on my blog so stay tuned for that one! So without further ado let’s get to it.

1) Tank tops

Since it’s still summer weather, tanks have been trending this season. Be it spigetti or full sleeve , it has been flooding over social media. Did you know girls posting pictures and videos in tank tops increased their following by about 35-40%! You must have heard of Charlie damilio. She is the most trending girl on tiktok that blew up of her dance moves! Well that’s what we all think, but did you know the same dance style was created way back by a black creator who barely recieved any views. Now I ain’t saying that the tank top did it all, but it surely had a hand in it. Make sure your abs are visible and defined. This cloathing makes it more appealing in videos and clicks due to its loose shape on top , with accentuated curves below

Diy- simply measure your height and cut an old black or white t shirt from the centre, be sure to stich it inwards to avoid a torn , shabby look. Accentuate those curves with some contour and there you are on the trending page


I guess it’s skin show, however thiss you know that bikini sales have increased by about 45% after Kylie Jenner started posting pictures of her wearing them ,on social media. Simply plan out a beach day with your friends , that’s all you’ve got to do. Be sure to click amazing pictures of you and your friends flaunting those curves and there you go!

3)Hight waist’s

Hight waist tights are not only comfortable ( I guess!) But also look chic and beautiful. I’m sure you might have seen celebrities walk out ,flaunting a simple crop top with high Waist’s. It creates an illusion of an hourglass figure which is subconsciously considered the ideal figure for females and thereby increases your attraction towards it. This will definitely help you grab eye balls and likes on social media


Hoodies have definitely been trending on social media this season. People all over tiktok have been spotted wearing them in almost every other vedio. What creates the magic about this is it’s fitting. It’s all the way loose except for the handcuffs and waists. This gives it that casual yet cool vibe which is soo to live for. Another thing that brings it out , is colours. Try purchasing them in different bright colours. This makes it look alive catchy on screen


Now don’t underestimate the power of a scrunchie. It may look basic but ATVs as a great accessory when wrapped around your wrist. It gives you a really girly and cute vibe that people dig on social media. Simply get some clicks and videos of you flaunting a scrunchie around your wrist and see your followers grow!

6)Colourful shades

Gone are the days when black shades were all that were worn. Today you can spot shades in millions of colours and designs but, the ones that look most appealing and asthetic on social media are the shades in red and yellow. These shades have voted to be 75 % more eye-catching than the rest. So you definitely want to use this to your benefit. You need not purchase a high end brand . Buying one from a local thrift store it the real deal

7)Chokers and silver accessories

Accessories play a great role in bringing for outfit together. You definitely must have seen influencers flaunt silver jewelry and accessories. It simply tends to make your digital content more asthetic. It even ads a touch of glam to a basic tank top. Many content creators use the bling effect to make it look more highlighted. This definitely helps to snatch more likes and follows

8)Track suits

Track suits have definitely had a major comeback this style season. You can see people all over social media flaunting their track suits in eye popping colours. The trick here is to purchase a track set and not two different track pieces. This makes it look effortless yet spunky.

9)White sneakers

Weather trending or not it is a must have in every wardrobe. If pairs well with literally everything. Simply put on a pair of white sneakers while making a full length media content in order to make your look more styled and coordinated.

10) oversized denim jackets

It is a great buy guys. Oversized denim jackets look so cool and funky. They are in trend all year round. You can add it to a simple white t-shirt to make your look more instagramable. It need not be branded just make sure it has the right fit . This is what make it look more follower worthy

So here it is you guys the top 10 most trending social media style pieces for girls that are in this style season. Be sure to check them out and style up your fashion quotient on social media.

Be sure to like and follow for more blog posts , every day. Don’t forget to tell me in the comments , what else would you like me to blog about. See you soon, until then Adios

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Masking Monday

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

I know we are all hate fake people.Seems like they wear a mask all the time. As annoying that might seem , wearing these masks will definitely work the opposite. Not only will it get you in a good mood , but will also work wonders for your skin . So here are 3 commercial and home made masks to fight against acne and zits

Oily skin

Acne problems in oily skin is usually caused due to increase in production of oils and sebum that clog pores and build up under the skin surface. Not only does it cause a chain reaction of acne but also reduces the healing ability of your skin


1 tbsp wheat flour, 1 tbsp gram flour, 1/2 tbsp honey , 1tbsp turmeric and 5 tbsp tomato juice


Mix all the ingredients together and form a smooth paste. Mix well until smooth and no lumps are to be seen. Apply for 30 mins

Post pack-

Do not wash immediately. Steam face for about 5 mins. As mask turns moist start scrubbing in circular motions. Continue until mask wears off. Rinse with cool water

Abilities- wheat flour helps to dry of puss and zits, gram flour helps to mildly scrub dead skin and clogged pores , it also polishes skin to reduce skin texture. Honey provides moisture and increases healing abilities of skin. Tomato helps to diminish acne scars and pigmentation left behind by active acne

Use- 2 times a week for best results

Store- upto 1 week

Combination skin

Recipe- 1tbsp gram flour, 1/2 pinch turmeric, 1/2 tbsp aloe vera gel, 1/2 tbsp cinnamon and 1 tbsp potato juice

Mix well until forms a smooth paste

Application- apply for 30- 40 mins . Let dry. Rinse with warm water

Post application- massage ice cubes all over your face and neck especially over acne and distressed skin. Follow with mild toner and moisturizer

Use- do not store for more than 2 days

Abilities- gram flour helps to mildly exfoliate and dry up excess sebum production, turmeric helps heal scars and reduce bumps, aloe gel is antiseptic and works in killing acne causing bacteria, cinnamon helps to get rid of acne scars and pigmentation while potato juice helps reduce dark spots

Dry skin

Recipe- 1 tbsp gram flower, 1/2 tbsp rose water, 1/2 tbsp honey , 1 tbsp raw milk , 1/2 tbsp neem powder

Stir till until a liquidy paste

Application- apply for 15 mins, dip a cotton ball in rose water and remove excess

Store- can store for about a week

Abilities- gram flour helps refine and polish skin, rose water helps maintain oh levels of skin , honey works as antiseptic while raw milk works as moisture agent. Neem helps kill acne causing bacteria

Here’ are some facemasks that will help your fight acne

Aztec clay mask-

Available on Amazon, this is a healing indian clay mask that helps get rid of acne . Use it with some apple cider vinegar for giving it clay like consistency.Use only once or twice a month as it is very strong

The ordinary 2% salcylic acid mask

The first mask in The Ordinary’s cult-beloved range, this jelly-like mask is enriched with BHA (beta hydroxy acid) salicylic acid to gently exfoliate away pore-clogging debris and reduce inflammation – making it an excellent companion for congested, blemish-prone skin types. The jet-black hue comes courtesy of clarifying charcoal, which teams up with other clays to ensure a deep and thorough cleanse. The result? Smoother, clearer and more radiant skin after use! 

Aroma magic seeweed sleeping mask

An overnight gel mask that moisturizes and soothes skin , minimises pores without irritating skin. Use twice a week for best results

So here it is you guys best face masks for clearing up acne fast. Hope you like the blog , lemme know what you think about it. Don’t forget to like and share with people dealing with acne .

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Pride in style

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

As you all know we have entered the most awaited time of the year ” pride month!!”. It’s amazing to have everyone in high spirits , covered with glitter and spreading love. However in the chaos of enjoying with your homies, preparing banners for the parade and getting clicked for social media, it might be difficult and confusing to plan your ” perfect outfit” for the pride parade!

Don’t worry I’ve got you! Here are some trendy and cool pride outfit inspo for all you girls and boys out there. However this post is more to empower our lbgtq community and how you can help make a change! I’ve mentioned links and ways at the bottom, to help you make a difference to our lbgtq community members. So without further ado let’s get to it

Pride schedule 2020-

1) basic Bob:

So you’ve never been to pride before, or its your first time out there or your simply uncomfortable wearing peculiar outfits. Well, that’s fine. Pride is about spreading love and you can do that in other ways to! It’s important to be comfortable more than anything in order to enjoy pride. So here’s your look inspo

Simply wear a bright coloured hoodie ,with some distressed denims. Too it up with basic white sneakers , and your good to go! Don’t forget to show your flare by cheering your lungs out.

2) The mid week mama

So your all excited for pride , however you wanna look cute but not overdone! I get your vibe, so here’s your style inspo

Simply wear a white or colour full crop top, with some shorts and basic sneekers. Top it up with suspenders and other accessories to get the look together , and you’re good to go!

The gay god

So pride is here, the month give been waiting for since last year. Pride is no joke to you and you have an emotional connect to it. You wanna look like the ambassador of the lbgtq fam and make heads turn while you’re at it. So here’s your style inspo

Wear a colour coordinated suit , with some basic white sneekers. The key to this look is your attitude ti carry it out. So don’t you forget that before you leave home!

Ratchet rainbow

So you love pride and are all about it. However this time is also great for you to get your hands on some meat and even get lucky. You wanna make sure that everyone in the house knows who is the boss. So here’s your style inspo

Try wearing as less clothing as possible, make up for it by adding funky accessories to make your whole look more sexy. Don’t forget to flaunt and embrace your imperfections while you’re at it.

Now that are guys are sorted, let’s move on to pride style inspo for gals

1) simple sirine:

So here you are, ready for pride . You wanna dress for the occasion but certainly make it look effortless and chic.Yo may also be preparing for it last minute and might have to do with what’s available. So here’s your style inspo

Try wearing a rainbow top along with some ripped denims. Add on some fancy socks and basic Nike’s and you’re good to go. This will make you look like your part of the family effortlessly

Social butterfly:

So you love pride, and why not. Pride is fun , colourful , exciting and for a good cause. You wanna enjoy ist as much as you can and tell the world about it too! So here’s a style inspo that not only will make heads turn but also get you trending on social media

Simply dress up as your favourite movie character or any famous character you relate with. Give it a twist by adding rainbow colours, patterns and accessories wherever possible. Don’t forget to add some glitter here and there for that flawless Instagram capture!

Here’s another fun glittery look that I absolutely loved. However you need a lot of patience and precision to get this one through.

Glam goddess:

So you’re the one who is known for her epic looks every pride. You not only keep up with the trends but also slay the style game when it comes to pride. You love this time of the year cause you get to get as creative and fun as you want along with bringing about a positive impact. So here’s your style inspo.

Go full out on this one. Let your imagination sore. (Literally) be sure to add props to make you stand out and give your look a more magnificent feel. Opt for wings , capes , feather and glitter. Get your makeup game on and paint yourself Colourful.

O here you go guys some trending style and fashion inspo for pride month. If yoh wanna know the ways to make the best of your pride experience, be sure to check out my previous blog

And for the most important part , here’s how you can bring about a change and impact lives this pride season

1) spread awareness-

Spreading awareness is of utmost importance when it comes to pride . It’s important for people to know that love must have no boundaries or limitations. It’s even easier nowdays to spread awareness since social media has such a wide reach . Be sure to voice out your awareness on pride

2) donate

There are many organisations who support individuals who are bullied and harassed for being part of the lbgtq community. Donating to these causes will help individuals come out and accept their sexuality without being intimidated by society norms


Participate- do take the initiative to participate and support pride parades and other social occasions held by them

And finally don’t forget to enjoy your pride month . Have a blast you guys!

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s style sunday post! If you did do like and share , don’t forget to tell me in the comments below what I should blog about next. Do follow me on all my socials( links mentioned below).Until then adios

Be who you are, and not who the world wants you to be- anonymous

Style Saturday, pride edition!

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

This year has been quite revolutionary! From abolishing racism to fighting against social injustice, we’ve gone through it all. And here we go! Pride month ,one of the most fun and awaited months of the year, not only for the lbgtq community but for others too. So let’s get on the road making all heads turn. And if you’re luck enough, you might also score some phone numbers

So without further ado let’s get started!

Show some skin:

Pride calls for being proud of yourself, no matter your flaws. So embrace yourself and show all you got. Try wearing loose, free clothing .

Boys- shorts, unbuttoned shirts, crop tops, distressed clothing

Girls- skirts, croptops, distressed cloathing, high waisted shorts etc

Let your hair down:

Let your hair go crazy this matter how it is straight, Curly, long or short let it loose. However that doesn’t mean you look shabby like a homeless person. Style it using some water and hair wax to keep it in place, and let that hair do the talking

Colour pop

There’s no question, about how many clicks for Instagram are mandatory during pride, not just to complete your feed but more to create awareness about gender fluidity and the lbgtq let colours speak out loud. Wear bright colourful clothing with eye catching prints and patterns. Not only will it compliment the occasion but also captures well on Instagram

Makeup – shakeup

This is the time guys, to ditch that nude glam look you’ve been seeing everyday on social media. Feel free to experiment , paint and draw on your face. Use pop colours to create looks complimenting the occasion

Glow with glitter

Pride calls for fun and flare. So don’t forget to glitter up your self a bit. Beware of using face and body glitter only instead of harmful craft glitter! Apply a pinch on your cheeks , eyelids and more than a pinch on your exposed body parts, and get ready to shiny ! Shine!!

Say it with Accessories :

Since we have all the cloathing sorted,let’s get to the more fun part. Accessories speak a lot and requires least effort. Grab all the chains , rings, chokers and anklets you can put your hands on. Try picking up bold statement accessories to stand out of the crowd, out even captures well on camera


Props are a part of the pride uniform. If you ain’t got props you might as well go to a movie alone without popcorn! So don’t forget your pride posters, hoards and pride flag. You can also creat your own banners with using some catchy slogans and your art skills

Smell immaculate:

Since you’re gonna be under the sun all day long and surrounded with hot folks, you wanna be sure you smell as great as you look. Apply a no sweat body roll on, followed by a 24 hr body mist or perfume.


You might be walking all day, yelling , cheering , rallying on streets. You want to make sure you don’t end up looking like the creature from stranger things by the end of the day. Be sure to carry a water-bottle, sunblock , touch up makeup, cap , eatables etc

Above all be sure to smile , enjoy and live up your pride experience to the fullest. Love does surpass all and we all have the right to love. You’re absolutely beautiful, loved and blessed.

I’ll be posting style sunday tomorrow , pride inspired outfit inspo for girls and guys, so stay tuned for it and……..

Happy pride!!!!

So here it is you guys your style Saturday, pride edition! Be sure to like and follow for more blog posts , every day. Don’t forget to tell me in the comments , what else would you like me to blog about. See you soon, until then Adios

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At home glow up part 2

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

Well as we all know how in trend have glowups been since 2020 barely even begun. Every One had videos coming up of their not so great lookin past in comparison to what they look right now .So as we all know we ain’t all that bougy anyways to get expensive facials and botox done, there are a wide number of ways to glow up at the comfort of your very home. Skincare is a very important step in this process. Cause your face is what’s mostly gonna glowup!! I’ve already posted a skincare glowup guide up on this blog.Trust me you do wanna check it out!!

Where skincare is an important part of your glow up, Don’t neglect the remaining aspects of your face. Soo here’s a guide to a complete facial glowup .After intense research I’ve come up with these trends that have made a wave in 20-20 and must remain in the following few years too.


They say that your eyes are a window to your soul. Well I guess they are right. Puffy and red eyes don’t speak a lot of positive things about you , do they?But don’t you worry, Ive got you sorted

Red eyes:

It’s usually due to lack of sleep or too much exposure to UV lights. Where lack of sleep can be solved with a planned sleep schedule , uv light damage can be caused even due to the sun. Electronic screens containing uv light also greatly harm your eyes. Try minimising use of electronic screens to heal red eyes.

Tip- put 2 drops of eye soothing drops or rose water in both eyes. Let stay for about 15 mins . This will help considerably to get rid of red eyes

Puffy eyes?

Start by massaging ice cubes in circular motion for about 30 mins

Follow by applying an eye mask. Try keeping eye mask in the fridge for about 30 mins prior to application. This will help in depuffing eyes better


Do you have blackheads or an ungroomed nose. Does the shape of your nose bother you? Well I’ve got you here too


The best way to remove black or white heads is to exfoliate them from the root. Physical exfoliators tend to only work on the surface . However chemical exfoliation enables deep exfoliation of sebum and gunk causing black or white heads. I’ve mentioned chemical exfoliants you must try, in my previous blog. Do check it out

Nose hair

You so don’t wanna showup with hair peeping out of your nostrils. Trust me the person before you will keep staring at them instead of you nomatter how great you glow up! Be sure to simply trim your outgrown nose hair with a pair of sharp scissors , and your good to go

Nose shape

Does the shape of your nose bother you? Do you think it is too fat, short or badly shaped? Don’t worry all you got to do is incorporate yoga to your routine . It has been proved that breathing exercises in yoga help to make your nose slimmer and even shaped over a period of time


Hair plays a vital role in glowup routines. Healthy hair gives immense confidance and flare to one’s personality.Here are some tips to get that hair flip kinda hair you’ve always wanted

Shampoo and condition

Use only organic and natural haircare brands and products for your hair. Even if chemical products might seem working well as of now in the long run it will definitely cause great hair damage.

Hair rinse

Try giving your hair a hair rinse at least once a week.

Recipe- simply fill 1/4th jar of water . Fill it with 1tbs of lemon, 1tbsp of oliveoil, 10 neem leaves, 1 lavender branch stem and few drops of vitamin e oil

There are of course more hair rinse recipies , lemme know if you want more in the comments below

Hair Mask
Hair Mask works great for dry and damaged hair. It helps impart shine to hair while reducing dandruff and dry scalp. you can use any brand that is available or suits your hair type

Tip- take 4 tbsp of curd, 2 tbsp honey, 1 raw egg and half tbsp of olive oil ( dry hair)

Half a cup raw milk and 4 tbsp of honey (for combination or oily hair)

Do not heat:

We all know the damages of heat on hair. It burns and reduces hair quality faster than ageing.

If you want-

Straight hair- semi oil your hair and comb evenly.middle part your hair and tie two straight poney tails . Now add hairbands at equal lengths at both sides. Continue process until you reach the tip of your hair

Curly hair- simply damp your hair ,curl it on ear buds and secure it using rubber bands. Then cover your hair with multiple socks. You will look wierd at first but trust me you will get what you want the next morning

Unwanted zit/ pimple

We all have those days where we break out when we least want to. However here are a few tips that will get your pimple off and let your beauty shine


1) steam your face for about 20 mins

2) use a mild clenser to clean your face

3) use an ice cube and massage on zit

4) use aloe gel on pimple as spot treatment for 20 mins

5) finish up by applying a paste of turmeric and honey as spot treatment

Pimple will be gone by the next day. Thank me later!

So here it is you guys, your facial glow up part 2 . But your face isint all that matters style , confidence and your body care matters too. I’ll be posting about all of that and more in my next blog post.

Do lemme know what do you think about this blog in the comments section below. Don’t forget to like share and follow me for more. Until then adios!

How to in house glowup!!

Hey guys wassup!.If ur new here, Hola, my name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

Glowups nowdays are on the rise and trending.Be it tiktok, Instagram or any social media platform, the most you see is insane puberty transformation that make you think, If They Can, why can’t I? However these glowups are over a period of years and years together, and we don’t have that much of patience or time! Do we? .So here’s a guide to your in-house glowup , that will glow you up!!

If you didn’t know already , glowups don’t discriminate like we humans and are all “open arms” for guys and gals alike.So let’s get started..


So here’s the most crucial part of your glow up , Your Face! .There needs to be a considerable difference in the before and after to call it a glow up.So switch your skincare routine!!.If you’re wondering about what products you must have, even though it’s quarantine! Be sure to check out my previous post!!

However lemme give you a list of some really cool products that are easily available at your local store or even online , at a cheaper price even during quarantine. All the links are also mentioned below!

The ordinary aha , bha peeling solution

This brand is the holy grail for all those people looking for affordable yet effective skincare solutions .Im sure you might have heard about this product before, but if you haven’t lemme tell you a little something about it.This product is a strong chemical exfoliant containing lactic and glycolic acids that penetrate deep in your skin to bulldoze dead skin and other impurities out of it.It gives visibily smoother and detoxified skin in the first use itself. It retails for “6.30 cents” .what’s real fun is that it resembles thick gooey blood and putting it all over your face makes you look like a blood thirsty vampire!!!



While the previous product mentioned is a mask itself, There are other moisturizing masks as well that can really help you get moisture back into your skin

Aroma magic

Now this brand contains a wide variety of clean skincare masks that provide for each skin type according to its needs and wants.These masks are available in gel , cream and clay forms as well.You can choose one depending on your skin issues and needs .My favourite one is the aroma magic sea weed overnight mask .It retails for about””.It’s super moisturizing and detoxifying on the skin and imaorts a glow to it as well.



Steaming is a great way to help your products penetrate deeper and better.This step makes it skincare more effective and skin quality more smooth and supple.Try doing this before a facemask or exfoliating. Don’t have a face steamer? No problem! Simply take a bowl of boiling hot water add some drops of lime and essential oils of your choice.


Double clensing

I know we are all lazy to wash our face once, leave alone twice!!However since you’re at it give it a try. First wash your face with a cream or oil based clenser , follow it up with a foaming facewash.This will help get any residue , dirt or gunk right out your pores.Continue with a face mask


Aroma magic turmeric creme clenser

As the name suggest , it’s a cream based clenser.Its concistancy is simalar to that of a cleansing balm.It helps to melt away makeup and skincare products within seconds.Its absolutely natural and hence won’t break you out.

Link -ttps://$$$

Aroma magic facewash

It’s a mild gentle facewash that does the job of through cleansing without stripping skin off moisture.It helps soften and smoothen skin texture.Ive been a huge fan of this facewash cause it does a great job of cleansing.Ive been using it for the past 2 years and I highly recommend it to all. Especially if you’re a teenager and just starting out your skincare journey you must definately try this out.It retails only for 160 rs

Link -!599!3!410908804462!!!u!293946777986!&utm_source=GooglePaid&utm_medium=PLA&utm_campaign=PLA_Fullsite_Goal_NewUsers

Facial tools

Facial tools are soo in this season! This is where you up your skincare game and skulpt your face defining all high points . While there is a sea full of skincare tools , if you’re a starter , you wanna start with a simple jade roller.Its inexpensive and retails for about “”.Use this on your face twice a day by massaging it gently on your cheekbones and forehead. To increase its effectiveness simply keep it in the fridge overnight and use it the next day first thing in the morning. Can’t get your hands on facial tools? Try using frozen spoons , works just as fine!!

Ice cubes

Ice has a variety of skin benefits when used right on skin.It helps tighten and reduce size of pores, while reducing inflammation and burns.

Take some water, add some turmeric honey and coffee to it. Let it freeze. Use it after exfoliating your face

Soo here is it guys, your in home glow up tips to come out with goddess like skin after quarantine. Tell me about your glow up tips in the comments section below so I can try em too!. Stay tuned for part two where I will be sharing glowup hair and style tips to make you shine like diamond. Don’t forget to like , follow and tell me what you think about my blogs!!. Until then adios!!