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How to become a certified fashion designer and bang a job for free

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a Fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Many of us have an intense passion for fashion and designing. Seems like this is what we were made for. We just rightly know all the latest trends, colour combinations and even knowledge about material cloathing in fashion . However when we see the huge number of obstacles that lie between us and becoming a fashion designer , we are worn out even before we start. Problems like,not knowing where to start, fashion degrees seeming too expensive , no time as we are already baggaged with another jobs! Are just some difficulties that might be frustrating you.This leaves us agitated, psyched and even scared of ever being able to achieve our dream job!. But what if I told you can live your dream of becoming a fashion designer at the comfort of your home?

Yes, that’s true and not just that its absolutely free and already at your finger tips!. These hacks work wonders even for individuals already into the field of design. In this blog you will learn about

1) How to learn fashion design from industry experts for free

2) Materials and skills required for the job and how to posses them

3) Fashion tools industry experts use to create fashion styles

4) How to bang an internship at top fashion houses nationally and internationally!

By the end of this blog you will posess

– knowledge about design and fashion

– free diploma courses and certification to get you top ranking jobs

– skills and materials you need to begin you designing journey

– practical application of fashion theories

– how to bang a job at top fashion houses nationally and internationally

– how to gain experience and make contacts to grow in the fashion industry

So without further ado let’s get started

1) Learning

Learning fashion design is the most important and integral part in order to become a fashion designer ( obviously). You need to know the accurate technique and knowledge about what goes into creating those mind blasting designs you see on runways . To learn these techniques , it’s very important to recieve the right guidance and direction from experts , or else you may just end up like any other wannabe out there. You need to learn from experts who belong to the industry and have an experience of how things go about in this process.

Now I know to learn under such industry experts requires tons of cash and immense amount of time, that seem pretty unrealistic, and that’s why your here! So here’s what you need to do in order to begin

1) join YouTube learning-

It contains a number of video classes that cater to your subject of interest. It also has exclusive videos that will help you learn the skills required for fashion designing

2) alison-

Alison is an online learning website that contains fashion design and other design courses for free. These are diploma courses , that are for a short period of 4-5 weeks each. You also receive a diploma certificate at the end of your course that will act as an advantage while getting a job.

3) HSC free design courses-

HSC is another online learning platform that provides lectures and courses on a variety of subjects including fashion design. They also provide a set of activities that you need to complete as a part of your practice. These courses are from renowned institutions like Harvard University , Wales University etc that you can learn from for free.

4) Coursera –

An online learning platform that will help you with professional guidance you need to become a fashion designer. Includes short term diploma courses with certification at the end of completion from renowned Universities

5) Study .com-

study .com also is a very well and highly renowned website for online courses and distant learning. It includes fashion design and other design courses ranging from beginners to advanced to build and enhance your design skills .

These are ways and methods how you will be getting quality guidance and direction from experienced teachers and industry experts. These websites also include guest lectures by big fashion designers who provide industry insights on fashion and design . This is a great opportunity for you to learn and you definitely must not miss it!

Now that you have possessed required knowledge about fashion, you also need to practise designing physically. Here’s how

1) keep an aim to draw at least one sketch each day

2) use equipments used by professional fashion designers like fashion sketchbooks, fine black pens , markers etc

3) subscribe to fashion magazines and keep an eye on present and upcoming trends

4) Lookup and improve drawing techniques and skills from YouTube

5) recieve online inspiration from fashion experts themselves by following big fashion designers and fashion pages on social media

Digital skills- apart from physical drawing and colouring professional designers use a number of virtual technologies to bring creations to life. As we live in the digital age you definitely need to learn to create fashion outfits digitally as well. This will definitely add to your skills and act as an advantage while getting a job. Here are a list of apps and softwares top fashion designers use to create mind-blowing designs

1) Adobe illustrator-

this is the most commonly used software for beginners as well as professional fashion designers to create stunning visuals. Provides 3d stimulation and virtual presentations on how the final product would look !

2) marvelous designer-

another renowned fashion software used by big fashion houses to create impeccable design’s. Contains inbuilt designs and fashion inspo to help you create designs. 3d stimulation helps to showcase your creation from all angles


Tuka3D is an easy to use 3D fashion design software develop by Tukatech. This amazing software allows you to scan your fit model, and to adjust it with the diverse options of measurements available. You can create virtual fitting session with an animated model who can move, dance, run, etc. This 3D software is really made to do virtual prototyping, allowing you to make many trials just for one product. This design tool is helping designers to work quickly and easily thanks to virtual clothes samples.



Browzwear will help you to make creative designs for your customers, and it will allow you to work even faster. Browzwear offers different modules:

  • VStitcher, a solution for 3D virtual prototyping. It is addressed to developers, technical designers and pattern makers. It is allowing to convert 2D patterns into great 3D models and prototypes.
  • Lotta, a 3D fashion design solution that will help designers to create clothes with a total freedom. You can easily work on Adobe tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator, and synchronize your 2D drawings and patterns with Lotta. It will help you to visualize your products in any trim or color.

5)Romans CAD

Romans CAD is a software created for the footwear industry, and the creation of leather goods. This CAD fashion software is particularly efficient to create prototypes, Romans CAD is allowing designers to make all the changes that you need on your products with a lot of accuracy. This is an efficient cloud based program, made to work faster, and to improve the communication between designers and manufacturers. “This is a cloud-based software” explained Jean-MarcPedeboy to us “The world of fashion is evolving and brands have to work faster. Romans CAD is offering a better communication and collaboration for people working in the footwear industry

Other apps that you need to master as a part of your fashion design guide include

1) clo 3d

2)fusion 360

3) Maya

4)z brush

5) rhino

Now that we are finally done with gaining the required knowledge , experience and skills to become a fashion designer it’s time to get paid for it. Initially you need to work as an intern to get used to how things work in the fashion industry. Later you can opt for full time jobs in big fashion houses and for designers and here’s how

1) hnm student placement and internship program-

this step is crucial as this will help you apply your gained knowledge and skills and gain practical experience that holds great importance in the fashion industry. Higher the level of experience higher the pay you get. Hnm is a world famous brand and banging an internships with famous brands like hnm may prove really benificial for your fashion career. Hnm runs a student placement and internship program that invites new comers to be a part of the hnm fashion and design family

2) simply hired-

Online website that contains a wide range of internships and jobs that you can apply to make a place in fashion. It consists of a wide range of job opportunities and internships from beginners to advanced professionals. This will help you gain advanced practical knowledge about functioning of the fashion industry and will also help you make business contacts that will immensely hell you for your future career in fashion

3) global experiences-

a very well renowned and award winning global platform that contains internships as well as sponsorships to national and international vacancies for fashion and design. It’s a great website if you want to get sponsored for getting to learn fashion design. It’s also great for people wanting to bang jobs and internships with big brands nationally as well as abroad. This is an amazing opportunity you must not miss at all!

4) Follow brands on socials

Brands regularly post job requirements and vacancies on their social media platforms. If you aim at getting a job at any particular fashion house be sure to follow them at their socials to receive immediate notification on job placements. Brands like fashionnova and fashionnova men often post job vacancies on their socials

5) DM fashion designers and fashion houses

This will help you bang internships and jobs that are exclusive and not always announced openly. Simply DM your creations and certification to fashion houses and designers asking for internships and job opportunities available. This will get you exclusive vacancies and put you first on their list when vacancies come out!

Conclusion- so here are all crazy tips and tricks that will help become a certified fashion designer at home for free. Be sure to be consistent and take advantage of all the above mentioned courses and hacks to achieve your goals. Practising the above mentioned points will definitely and surely get you the job you’ve always dreamed of in the fashion industry.

✨Wishing you all the best for you journey✨

– love Chris Xoxo ❣️❣️

I hope you liked this blog . Make sure to like , share and subscribe. I post new blogs Every single day!. Connect with me on my social platforms for more.Until then , adios!

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