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Trending Tuesday: top 10 style pieces to blow up on social media

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

So since quarantine our physical activities have reduced while our social media activities have increased considerably. It’s possible to spend all day over social media , but yet overlook the current and upcoming fashion trends. Now if you are a social media influencer or anyone who just wants to blow up on social media here’s the style tips that will help you achieve your goals. Social media algorithm promotes current and present style trends increasing viewership that will get you trending on the feature page. It’s important to spot and use trends for growth in order to remain relevant and grow an audience

This is the girls eddition , I’ll be posting a guys edition too this Thursday on my blog so stay tuned for that one! So without further ado let’s get to it.

1) Tank tops

Since it’s still summer weather, tanks have been trending this season. Be it spigetti or full sleeve , it has been flooding over social media. Did you know girls posting pictures and videos in tank tops increased their following by about 35-40%! You must have heard of Charlie damilio. She is the most trending girl on tiktok that blew up of her dance moves! Well that’s what we all think, but did you know the same dance style was created way back by a black creator who barely recieved any views. Now I ain’t saying that the tank top did it all, but it surely had a hand in it. Make sure your abs are visible and defined. This cloathing makes it more appealing in videos and clicks due to its loose shape on top , with accentuated curves below

Diy- simply measure your height and cut an old black or white t shirt from the centre, be sure to stich it inwards to avoid a torn , shabby look. Accentuate those curves with some contour and there you are on the trending page


I guess it’s skin show, however thiss you know that bikini sales have increased by about 45% after Kylie Jenner started posting pictures of her wearing them ,on social media. Simply plan out a beach day with your friends , that’s all you’ve got to do. Be sure to click amazing pictures of you and your friends flaunting those curves and there you go!

3)Hight waist’s

Hight waist tights are not only comfortable ( I guess!) But also look chic and beautiful. I’m sure you might have seen celebrities walk out ,flaunting a simple crop top with high Waist’s. It creates an illusion of an hourglass figure which is subconsciously considered the ideal figure for females and thereby increases your attraction towards it. This will definitely help you grab eye balls and likes on social media


Hoodies have definitely been trending on social media this season. People all over tiktok have been spotted wearing them in almost every other vedio. What creates the magic about this is it’s fitting. It’s all the way loose except for the handcuffs and waists. This gives it that casual yet cool vibe which is soo to live for. Another thing that brings it out , is colours. Try purchasing them in different bright colours. This makes it look alive catchy on screen


Now don’t underestimate the power of a scrunchie. It may look basic but ATVs as a great accessory when wrapped around your wrist. It gives you a really girly and cute vibe that people dig on social media. Simply get some clicks and videos of you flaunting a scrunchie around your wrist and see your followers grow!

6)Colourful shades

Gone are the days when black shades were all that were worn. Today you can spot shades in millions of colours and designs but, the ones that look most appealing and asthetic on social media are the shades in red and yellow. These shades have voted to be 75 % more eye-catching than the rest. So you definitely want to use this to your benefit. You need not purchase a high end brand . Buying one from a local thrift store it the real deal

7)Chokers and silver accessories

Accessories play a great role in bringing for outfit together. You definitely must have seen influencers flaunt silver jewelry and accessories. It simply tends to make your digital content more asthetic. It even ads a touch of glam to a basic tank top. Many content creators use the bling effect to make it look more highlighted. This definitely helps to snatch more likes and follows

8)Track suits

Track suits have definitely had a major comeback this style season. You can see people all over social media flaunting their track suits in eye popping colours. The trick here is to purchase a track set and not two different track pieces. This makes it look effortless yet spunky.

9)White sneakers

Weather trending or not it is a must have in every wardrobe. If pairs well with literally everything. Simply put on a pair of white sneakers while making a full length media content in order to make your look more styled and coordinated.

10) oversized denim jackets

It is a great buy guys. Oversized denim jackets look so cool and funky. They are in trend all year round. You can add it to a simple white t-shirt to make your look more instagramable. It need not be branded just make sure it has the right fit . This is what make it look more follower worthy

So here it is you guys the top 10 most trending social media style pieces for girls that are in this style season. Be sure to check them out and style up your fashion quotient on social media.

Be sure to like and follow for more blog posts , every day. Don’t forget to tell me in the comments , what else would you like me to blog about. See you soon, until then Adios

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