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Pride in style

Hola guys,wassup. If you guys are new here, welcome to my blog. My name is Chris and I’m a grooming and lifestyle blogger.

As you all know we have entered the most awaited time of the year ” pride month!!”. It’s amazing to have everyone in high spirits , covered with glitter and spreading love. However in the chaos of enjoying with your homies, preparing banners for the parade and getting clicked for social media, it might be difficult and confusing to plan your ” perfect outfit” for the pride parade!

Don’t worry I’ve got you! Here are some trendy and cool pride outfit inspo for all you girls and boys out there. However this post is more to empower our lbgtq community and how you can help make a change! I’ve mentioned links and ways at the bottom, to help you make a difference to our lbgtq community members. So without further ado let’s get to it

Pride schedule 2020-

1) basic Bob:

So you’ve never been to pride before, or its your first time out there or your simply uncomfortable wearing peculiar outfits. Well, that’s fine. Pride is about spreading love and you can do that in other ways to! It’s important to be comfortable more than anything in order to enjoy pride. So here’s your look inspo

Simply wear a bright coloured hoodie ,with some distressed denims. Too it up with basic white sneakers , and your good to go! Don’t forget to show your flare by cheering your lungs out.

2) The mid week mama

So your all excited for pride , however you wanna look cute but not overdone! I get your vibe, so here’s your style inspo

Simply wear a white or colour full crop top, with some shorts and basic sneekers. Top it up with suspenders and other accessories to get the look together , and you’re good to go!

The gay god

So pride is here, the month give been waiting for since last year. Pride is no joke to you and you have an emotional connect to it. You wanna look like the ambassador of the lbgtq fam and make heads turn while you’re at it. So here’s your style inspo

Wear a colour coordinated suit , with some basic white sneekers. The key to this look is your attitude ti carry it out. So don’t you forget that before you leave home!

Ratchet rainbow

So you love pride and are all about it. However this time is also great for you to get your hands on some meat and even get lucky. You wanna make sure that everyone in the house knows who is the boss. So here’s your style inspo

Try wearing as less clothing as possible, make up for it by adding funky accessories to make your whole look more sexy. Don’t forget to flaunt and embrace your imperfections while you’re at it.

Now that are guys are sorted, let’s move on to pride style inspo for gals

1) simple sirine:

So here you are, ready for pride . You wanna dress for the occasion but certainly make it look effortless and chic.Yo may also be preparing for it last minute and might have to do with what’s available. So here’s your style inspo

Try wearing a rainbow top along with some ripped denims. Add on some fancy socks and basic Nike’s and you’re good to go. This will make you look like your part of the family effortlessly

Social butterfly:

So you love pride, and why not. Pride is fun , colourful , exciting and for a good cause. You wanna enjoy ist as much as you can and tell the world about it too! So here’s a style inspo that not only will make heads turn but also get you trending on social media

Simply dress up as your favourite movie character or any famous character you relate with. Give it a twist by adding rainbow colours, patterns and accessories wherever possible. Don’t forget to add some glitter here and there for that flawless Instagram capture!

Here’s another fun glittery look that I absolutely loved. However you need a lot of patience and precision to get this one through.

Glam goddess:

So you’re the one who is known for her epic looks every pride. You not only keep up with the trends but also slay the style game when it comes to pride. You love this time of the year cause you get to get as creative and fun as you want along with bringing about a positive impact. So here’s your style inspo.

Go full out on this one. Let your imagination sore. (Literally) be sure to add props to make you stand out and give your look a more magnificent feel. Opt for wings , capes , feather and glitter. Get your makeup game on and paint yourself Colourful.

O here you go guys some trending style and fashion inspo for pride month. If yoh wanna know the ways to make the best of your pride experience, be sure to check out my previous blog

And for the most important part , here’s how you can bring about a change and impact lives this pride season

1) spread awareness-

Spreading awareness is of utmost importance when it comes to pride . It’s important for people to know that love must have no boundaries or limitations. It’s even easier nowdays to spread awareness since social media has such a wide reach . Be sure to voice out your awareness on pride

2) donate

There are many organisations who support individuals who are bullied and harassed for being part of the lbgtq community. Donating to these causes will help individuals come out and accept their sexuality without being intimidated by society norms


Participate- do take the initiative to participate and support pride parades and other social occasions held by them

And finally don’t forget to enjoy your pride month . Have a blast you guys!

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s style sunday post! If you did do like and share , don’t forget to tell me in the comments below what I should blog about next. Do follow me on all my socials( links mentioned below).Until then adios

Be who you are, and not who the world wants you to be- anonymous

Published by chrispillay

18.entertainer and muser.Positive soul.blogger, aspiring actor model.Hakuna matata

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